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Recruiter Company Name Phone email WWW Contact Recruiting Sectors Recruiting Countries
Affinity Executive Search   Steve Kohn Accounting, Biotech, Business Development, Construction, Engineering, Executive, Finance, Health Care, Human Resources, Insurance, IT, Management, Manufacturing USA

Alternative Resources Company

(914) 769-4700 x115 Erinn McMahon   USA
Bradin Search Group      
Corporate Brokers      
Clintel Services 301-865-058 Colleen Baldree   USA
Crown Kemble Assoc.      
ECA Recruiters      
Employment Corporation of America (610)941-0800 ext 29 Kelly   USA
EPIC Business Strategies, LLC (407) 574-5769 Doug Franklin   USA
Helffrich International (813) 855-6465 Alan Helffrich   USA
InSearch (402) 964.1200 ext. 214 Mindy Hanger   USA
Leslie Gaber & Assoc      
MRI in Atlanta   John Boynton   USA
MRI Network – Zionsville      
Penobscot Executive Search LLC (207) 270-6070   Paul Mosley A National Executive Search Firm USA
Prescience Consulting Nicole Webber Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and Healthcare Industries USA

Recruit A Sales Pro Catherine Hoy

Medical, pharma, biotech & technical sales & marketing arenas

Robert Drexler Associates, Inc. (201) 760-2300 Robert Drexler   USA
Sterling Life Sciences      
Tal Sharon Enterprises      
Technology Executive Group (856) 985-5368 Rick DeRose   USA
Tyco Search 888-498-2288   Jim Brogan   USA
Tyco Search - Executive Search Steve Cogswell Pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries placing senior executives with an emphasis is in Regulatory, Marketing, Quality, Marketing, Operations & Clinical roles. Place an average of 15 VP's a year as many directors. USA

Zytek Medsearch

314-359-7555 Cherri Politis

Healthcare, RN, PA, NP, Pharmacist, pharma/medical device sales


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